Northwest Area APDA
2012 Fall Meeting

October 8 - October 12, 2012
Enzian Inn
Leavenworth, WA

***** Northwest Area Officers Present *****
President: Greg Rahn - AESO
Vice President: John Schaffroth - PAC
Secretary: Dave Bennett - BC Hydro
Treasurer: Chris McDarment - CHPD
Trustee: Bobbie Roberts - NWE

***** APDA Members Present *****

Melissa LaChapelle -PAC Frank Merritt – Tacoma Power Ken Beishir – Calpine
Ken Noggles - GCPUD Sam Novak – Tacoma Power Richard Belt - PSE
Erica Simpson – BCHydro Celeste Morton - BPA Shelby Burchett -DCPUD
Vu Ta - Altalink William Coe - GCPUD Chris McDarment - CHPUD
Allan Radcliffe – Fortis BC Craig McLaren - EWEB Greg Rahn - AESO
Chris Sanford - BPA Anthony Quilici – Idaho Power Bobbie Roberts - NWE
Chris Abt - Pacificorp Eric Bunting – Calpine David Bennett - BCHydro
Daryn Klinginsmith - CHPUD Marshall Bass – Calpine John Schaffroth - Pacificorp

The NW area business meeting was called to order on October 11th, 2012, at 4:41PM.  24 members were present.


***** Previous Meeting Minutes *****

Minutes of the 2012 Spring meeting in Wellington, NZ were read by Secretary Dave Bennett.  Al Radcliffe motioned to accept the minutes as read, which was seconded by Ken Noggles.  Motion passed.

***** Correspondence *****


***** Report of Area Secretary *****


***** Report of Area Treasurer *****

Chris McDarment reported a total NW area balance of $27,703.42.  He would provide a full report after the meeting.

***** Report of Area Trustee *****

Bobbie Roberts reported that the 2012 Spring National meeting was held in Duluth, MN, May 29-June 1st, and the Fall National meeting was held Oct 2nd-4th at Rothschild, WI.  The latest APDA National total balance was $87,522.52.  The national scholarship committee received 11 applications, and awarded a total of $5000.00 to 4 recipients.  The National APDA approved $4000.00 to be awarded in the 2013 scholarships.  Larry Bellnap is working on an APDA pamphlet, to help increase membership.  A motion to increase the dues to National from $12.00 to $15.00 was carried, after a 5 year projection of the budget was tabled by treasurer Terry Stead.  A motion to decrease area meeting reimbursements from $1500 to $1250 was defeated.  SE member Chad Williamson is working on a proposal submitted by Bismarck State College to provide CEHs to all APDA members for a onetime fee of $8750.00 over a 3 year contract.  He is still working on this proposal, and will report back to the national officers.

***** Report of Area President *****


*****Report from the Vice President*****


***** Report from the Committees *****

Shirt Committee –  Melissa LaChapelle requested feedback for the design, style, and sizes of the new shirts that she had brought to the meeting.  Melissa plans to bring a shirt with a Canadian theme to the meeting in Vancouver.

Scholarship Committee – Greg Rahn reported that there was one applicant, and the $1000.00 NW scholarship was given to Kyla Wilke, daughter of Darren Wilke, of the AESO.  Kyla is planning to attend UBC Okanagan to study psychology.  A thank you letter was received from the recipient. Greg encouraged the membership to get the word out about the scholarship to try and get more applications next year.

Nominating Committee – Bobbie Roberts, Dave Bennett: nothing to report as there are no current officer vacancies.

***** Unfinished Business *****

Chris McDarment gave an update on the USB stick project.  The USB sticks would be sent out to the members as dues for 2013 came in, hopefully no later than Jan. 2013, and would also include meeting presentations and minutes of previous meetings.

***** New Business *****

There was a discussion on whether to pass the increase in National dues on to the area members.  It was decided that with the current balance in the NW area, it was not necessary to increase the dues at this time, but we would have look at the possibility in the future.  Chris McDarment noted that currently, $8.00 of our $20 dues goes to the NW, and $12 goes to National.
Al Radcliffe suggested a letter of thanks be sent to the host companies of the Leavenworth meeting.  Dave Bennett agreed to send out the thank you letters.
It was motioned and accepted that a reasonable amount of NW area funds be spent to update the NW website.   It was to be left to the board to set aside funds for this purpose.  Member Arlen Simon has volunteered to spearhead this project.

***** Report of Accident and Sickness *****

Vu Ta reported that Carl Seafoot (Altalink), was sick, and off until the end of the year, and that Mark Sturgeon was currently battling cancer.  Greg Rahn reported that Terry Enmark (AESO), had been in for open heart surgery, and would be off until next year.  It was also reported that Gayle Taylor (Avista Utilities, retired) had suffered a mild heart attack recently.  Al Radcliffe reported that 2 members at Fortis BC who had been reported sick at the spring meeting were doing well.  Chris McDarment requested that members send an e-mail to him when members are sick, so he can send out a card. Chris also reported that a BPA lineman, who was the husband of a BPA dispatcher, passed away recently.  It was agreed that the NW APDA would send a $100 check to support the Karstetter Children’s Education Fund at the Numerica Credit Union.

***** Good of the Association *****


*****Time and Date of the Next Meeting*****

Dave Bennett reported that the 2013 APDA Spring meeting will be held May 13th-16th, 2013, at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC (Vancouver).   John Schaffroth reported that no location has been set for the 2013 Fall meeting, but he would be working on it. Greg Rahn reported that he was working on planning the 2014 Spring meeting for Calgary, Alberta.  No date or location has been set for the next National meeting.

***** Announcements *****

Al Radcliffe reported the Fortis BC retirements of members Doug Cavicci and Ken Lebedoff.  Rich Belt reported the retirement of Paul Ackerman from Puget Sound Energy.  Chris McDarment requested that members advise him of retirements, so he can get an APDA plaque to them, to recognize the occasion.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:23 PM, by President Greg Rahn.




“Keep the light on and your feet up on the desk”

Respectfully submitted
Dave Bennett - APDA NW Area Secretary