Northwest Area APDA
2009 Spring Meeting
South Lake Tahoe, NV

September 15 -17, 2009
Harrah's Resort
Host California Independent System Operator

***** Northwest Area Officers Present *****
President: Greg Rahn - AESO
Vice President: Not Attending- CHPD
Secretary: Arlen Simon - DOPD
Treasurer: Doug Krust - CHPD
Trustee: Dave Bennett - BCTC

***** APDA Members Present *****

Bobbie Roberts - NWE Paul Scott - DCPD Henry Strong - Transpower NZ
Mike Bucy - BCTC Ron Roy - CHPD Steve Pope - PSE
Ken Simpson - Altalink Jack Jensen - SNPD Ken Noggles - GCPD
Rick Johnson - WAPA Jeff Bell - WAPA Monte Spurgeon - GCPD
Gayle Taylor - Avista John Logan - DCPD Jim Wilson - GCPD
John Schaffroth - PAC Melissa Lachapelle - PAC Don B - BCTC

The meeting was held at Harrah’s Resort and Casino in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada September 16-17, 2009. The North West American Power Dispatchers Area Business Meeting was called to order at 13:30 by President Greg Rahn, AESO. Seventeen members attended the business meeting. Additional members were present but did not sign the business meeting record.

***** Secretary's Report *****

Minutes of the Spring 2009 meeting were read by Arlen Simon, Douglas PUD and accepted by Ron Roy Chelan PUD & Bobbie Roberts NW Energy as read.


There was much discussion on how to get the contact personal to disseminate scholarship information better. This year only one application was received for the scholarship. As a contact person check the Website for the particulars.

***** Correspondence *****


***** Report of Area Secretary *****



***** Report of Area Treasurer *****

Doug Krust NW Area Treasurer, Chelan PUD, gave a report on the Areas’ financial condition. There are Two Hundred Forty Three dues paying members presently. An earlier dues request letter will be sent out. Remember US funds. The database for each group will be again sent out. Electronic format is better for the treasure….see website.

***** Report of Area Trustee *****

Dave Bennett, British Columbia Transmission Corporation, gave Report on the National meeting. The APDA national Fall meeting will be held in Chattanooga November 16-19. 2009. Trustee Report below.

***** Report of Nominating Committee*****

Jim Wilson, Grant PUD, volunteered to take on the promotional products for the good of the group.

***** Report of Area President *****

President Greg Rahn, Alberta Electrical System Operator, reported on the need for more involvement by the membership. Joint meetings were proposed for Portland and/or Kelowna. May 18-20, 2009 were dates accepted for the Spring Meeting to be held at the Heathman Lodge. http://www.heathmanlodge.com Portland area. Expanded CEH’s, BPA tour, golf, fishing and sternwheeler planned.

*****Report from the Vice President*****


***** Report from the Committees *****

Shirt Committee - Coats were requested. Possible direct link to supplier discussed for the Website.

Schedule Committee – Presently the meeting schedule is Portland in the spring and Kelowna in the fall.

***** Unfinished Business *****


***** New Business *****

Members not following the bylaws on dues payments by the end of January. This makes the Treasures job more difficult due to Tax implications. A motion was made and passed that after the Spring meeting dues not paid would have a five dollar late fee.

***** Report of Accident and Sickness *****

Duncan Stewart National Ambassador passed away. Emmett Brooks, CHPD, passed away.

***** Good of the Association *****

Great appreciation is in order for Gayle Taylor, Avista Corp, for the Website work. She is also helping the SW APDA refresh their website.
Remember the training scholarship donated by SOS. If any member knows of an interested individual which they would mentor this is a great opportunity. A letter will be mailed out to the contact persons.


“Keep the light on and your feet up on the desk”

Respectfully submitted
Arlen Simon - Secretary

***** Northwest Area Trustee's Report *****

The APDA National Spring meeting was held in the SE area, at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel,  and the Georgia Power Company Training Center, Atlanta, Georgia, May 26-28th, 2009.

Training included 1 day of transmission system protection, and 1 day of simulation exercises, for a total of 16 hours of NERC CEH’s.

The APDA National business meeting was held on the afternoon of May 26th, 2009.

Highlights of the minutes of the National meeting:

 The APDA National 2009 Fall Meeting will be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee November 16th-19th, 2009, at the Sheraton Read House Hotel.


Respectfully submitted,

David Bennett

APDA NW Area Trustee