Northwest Area APDA
National APDA
2005 Fall Meeting Wenatchee, WA

September 16, 2005
Red Lion Inn
Host Utility Chelan & Grant County PUD's

****Northwest Area Officers Present****
President: Al Gulutzen - AESO
Vice President: Rick Krumpeck - BPA Monroe
Secretary: Doug Crust - CHPUD
Treasurer: Arlen Simon - DCPUD
Trustee: Dave Bennett - BCTC

****APDA Members Present****

Bobbie Roberts - NWE Rick Krumpeck - BPA Monroe Gayle Taylor - AVA
Henry Strong - Transpower NZ Richard Belt - PSE Darleen Wright - Tucson Electric
Mark Sickle - Chugach Electric, AK Keven Conway - GCPUD Chris McDarment - CHPUD
Michele Wynne - Grid Services Matt Sadinsky - SOS Intl Bob Wesselink - PGE
Erica Simpson - BCTC Robert Williams - PCW Arlen Simon - DCPUD
Danny Bucklyn - GASOC Bill Barcus - TPW Al Gulutzan - ASEO
Ken Noggles - GCPUD Greg Lange - GCPUD Nora Judd - SPP
Ken Simpson - Alta Link Robin Podmore - Incsys Rick Hall - BPA Dittmer
Shelby Burchett - DCPUD Don Renolds - DCPUD (Ret)


Minutes of the spring meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia were read by Doug Krust and approved as read by the membership.


Report of Area Secretary

New forms will be appearing on the web page soon to make yearly dues payment and data base entry easier. It was encouraged to future meeting hosts to contact retiree’s when meetings are hosted by your company.

11 new members were added this year and 2 of them attended the meeting. Doug thanked Henry Strong from New Zealand for attending and speaking at the meeting. He thanked Gayle Taylor for her prompt and excellent work on the webpage. Thanked attendee’s from both the Northwest group and the National group.

Report of Area Treasurer

Submitted by Arlen Simon NW Area Treasurer

Report of Area Trustee

Dave and BCTC hosted the spring 2005 meeting in Vancouver, BC on May 18-19th 2005. Speakers from NERC, PNSC, Grant County, and Northwest Power Pool gave presentations. This meeting was held in conjunction with the NWPP meeting. A tour of the BCTC Burnaby Mountain Control Center and simulator was included with this meeting. It was reported that the Northwest area has 190 paid members this year and 245 lifetime members.

The spring 2006 will be held in Calgary, Alberta June 19-21st and hosted by the ASEO.

Report of Area President

Submitted by Al Gulutzan NW Area President

Al Gulutzan read the APDA motto to the group. Commented on the recent comments of the Power Pool's decision to not hold meeting’s jointly with the Northwest APDA group. Much discussion followed and Greg Lange commented that from what he was hearing, the meetings would be scheduled together. Currently both the Spring APDA meeting and the Power pool meeting are scheduled to be in Calgary, but dates and locations have not been finalized. Al discussed the Power Pool's possible three city rule, where they would only hold meeting in three cities. Calgary was not one of those listed. A definite answer will be available shortly. Al mentioned that the sign-in book is going to be re-bound and should be ready by the next meeting.

Report of Committees

Schedule committee: Doug Krust mentioned that if any future host wants to change their position on the schedule to contact him or Kevin Conway at least a year in advance

Scholarship Committee: Rick Krumpeck discussed the new Northwest scholarship fund and that the applications will be available on the webpage shortly. The forms will be mailed to the current secretary who will remove the applicants name to ensure anonymity. The forms will then be sent to the scholarship committee for selection and to be awarded. Al Gulutzan made a motion to set the amount of the scholarship at $500 annually. Changing the date of application receipt to April 30th, and adding the address of the secretary to the form were also motioned and passed. A motion was made by Rick Krumpeck to have a retiree on the scholarship committee. Don Renolds nominated Roy Porterfield. Seconded and carried.

Fund raising committee: Nora Judd reported that 14 shirts and several hats were sold. The money goes into the scholarship fund.

Unfinished Business


New Business

There was a discussion about retiree’s dues. It was discussed that if a person retired and has met the lifetime status guidelines they wouldn’t have to pay dues. If they went back to work they should start paying dues again. This was deferred to the National meeting for a ruling. Al Gulutzan requested that the speaker’s from the fall presentations be put on the website. This would allow members that couldn’t attend could still see the material. Doug Krust said he would take care of that and also attach them to the minutes of the meeting when they get sent out. It was also suggested to put some pictures from the meeting on the webpage. Doug asked anyone that had taken any pictures please send copies to him or Gayle.

Accidents or Sickness of Members

Doug Krust reported that Roy Poterfield had shoulder surgery and then a by-pass with-in the last year but was doing fine the last time he saw him. Al Reported that Randy Roberts from AESO is back to work. Bob Wesselink reported the passing of Kay Peterson from PGE.

Randy Roberts of AESO (Alberta Electric System Operator) is on short term disability, following surgery. Flowers will be sent to him on behalf of the NW Area APDA.

Bob Wesselink reported the passing of two former PGE (Portland General Electric) members Jerry Lilly and Doug McIntosh. A moment of silence was held in their memory.

Good of the Association

Good of the association. Doug Krust requested that members attending meetings contact the host as early as possible. It really helped them with their arrangements.  Dave Bennett requested $401 dollars to cover the expenses from the spring meeting. It was decided to request the amount from the National Treasurer. Gayle Taylor requested payment for a bill from Web services for $175. A motion was made and passed to authorize Gayle to pay up to $200 for technical support for the webpage. Matt Sadinsky offered web help from his company’s computer guy. Robin Podmore offered his assistance also. Robert Williams made a motion to give Gayle $100 for her past web work, Doug Krust suggested raising it to $120 to cover Gayle’s hotel bill since she was there on here own expense. Motion was seconded and carried. Rich Belt thanked Avista Energy for sponsoring the golf tournament. Doug Krust thanked Grant County and Chelan County PUD’s for hosting the meeting and for their continued support.

Meeting adjourned at 0930.  Submitted by Doug Krust - Secretary


National board members Kevin Conway, Bobbie Roberts, Bob Wesselink, and Robert Williams (Semi hidden) and standing is retired member Don Renolds

Ken Noggles receives his prize from Robin Podmore at the dinner


Ken demonstrates voltage collapse to Robin and Doug Krust

Pictures taken by Henry Strong from Transpower New Zealand