Spokane Westcoast Grand Hotel at the Park
Spokane, WA
September 19-20, 2002

September 18th

1800 - Early Registration and Hospitality Suite at the Westcoast Grand Hotel


September 19th

0730 - 0800 Registration

0800 - 0815 Welcome and introductions

0815 - 1000 "Shiftwork How to Cope" presented by Round-the-Clock-Systems

1000 -1015 Break

1015 - 1200 "Shiftwork How to Cope" presented by Round-the-Clock-Systems

1200 - 1300 Lunch

1300 - 1400 Platts presentation by Alan Eixman

1400 - 1630 Facilities Security Presentation by Gary Garnant of Grant County PUD

1730 Hospitality Suite


September 20th

0730 - 0830 APDA Business Meeting

1000 - Golf at Indian Canyon Golf Course

1730 - Dinner at the Steam Plant Grill


Grant County PUD and the Bonneville MCC
are excited to announce the schedule for the 2002 Fall APDA Meeting sponsored by Grant County PUD and the Bonneville MCC. The meeting is to be held at the Spokane, WA Westcoast Grand Hotel at the Park on September 19 and 20, 2002.

Rooms have been set aside for the APDA on a limited basis and a special rate of $99.00. These will be held only until August18, 2002. Call 1-800-325-4000 for reservations.


We are lucky enough to present the Round-the-Clock Systems program entitled "Shiftwork: How to Cope." This is our feature technical program for Thurdsay. This is an excellent interactive program geared to helping us to effectively adapt to a healthy shiftworker's lifestyle. The discussions will include all aspects of our lifestyle, both at work and at home with our families. This is something we can all be benefit from. Anyone who has ever been to this type of presentation can tell you what great information is available. This is the very same program that industries around the country have included in their workers health and safety programs. Family members are welcome and encouraged to come to participate.


The Afternoon will have a presentation By Alan Eixman introducing a new product from Platts that will give up to date information on transmission system conditions, as well as current information on news, weather and marketing.



On Friday September 20, 2002 a great day of golf at Indian Canyon, sponsored by Platts, will be followed by an incredible meal at the Steam Plant Grill. Many of you know Indian Canyon. This is a fabulous, and challenging municipal golf course in Spokane, that has a spectacular setting.


Gary Garnant of Grant County PUD will present information on electric system facilities security. Gary is the PUD's communication officer and a show stopper.


The Steam Plant Grill is a newer restaurant in Spokane that once was a WWP Steam Generation Plant. It now houses a brewery and restaurant that is so unique it must be seen. We will have a wonderful view of the old power plant as we dine.

The cost of the APDA program will be $140 per member ($125 if registration is made before 8/30/02). This will include the meeting facilities, fees, and dinner. Golf is not included in this fee. Golf will be sponsored by one of our associates, but an additional $40 per guest will be needed for golf, and $35 per guest for dinner.

Come out and enjoy the great Spokane weather with us!

Kevin Conway - Grant PUD
Matt Alling - MCC